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Meditation app for kids with ADHD & their parents


I am interested in how meditation and mindfulness techniques can potentially help children with ADHD improve their focus as well as diminish common behaviours such as impulsiveness, outbursts, and anxiety. As an adult with ADHD, I have found the mindfulness app, Headspace, to be very effective in helping me practice habits and develop skills that not only help me focus but also ease my anxiety and provide me with general clarity and sense of calm that I have never felt on my own accord. After doing some research, I have noticed there isn’t mindfulness and meditation app options for kids that specifically cater towards kids with ADHD.


My users are children with ADHD and their parents. Currently medication is the leading treatment for keeping ADHD under control. This is a problem because medications can have negative side effects and can be incredibly strong and potentially dangerous if not regulated and supervised closely. Mindfulness and meditative approaches are both holistic, with no negative side effects, and have the potential to address certain behavioural and control problems that medication can’t in children with ADHD. Parenting a child with ADHD is often times different, and usually more difficult, then parenting a child that doesn’t have a learning disability. I am empathizing with the parent by encouraging using mindfulness and meditation as a bonding exercise and a means for the parent to find patience and clarity when confronted with difficult situations involving their child with ADHD.



The problem here is that children with ADHD have limited options for treating their disability, and mindfulness and meditation is only recently come into thought as being used as a supplementary means of controlling and minimizing ADHD in children. Parents of children with ADHD and other learning disabilities also have more challenges as common parenting techniques aren’t as effective. Offering an app that can be used as means of bonding parent and child, while also having sections dedicated to the parent–teaching the parent skills in how to approach parenting a child with ADHD–and the child–teaching the child different techniques in focusing attention, control temper and impulsiveness, and managing anxiety they can use while at school.

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My ideation came from personal experiences, academic research, and looking at current meditations apps to see where their UX design is most successful. There are three apps that serve as templates for this mock up: Headspace, Mindful Powers, and Breathe Kids. All are successful in teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques to a variety of age ranges while also employing ease of use and engages UX design.

My prototype offers a general overall look at how the app could be used and how the user would navigate through the application. The prototype also offers a rough look at how the app could be branded so that the design itself could enhance the user experience of going into a mindful mode.