Pekku Coffee Roasters is a fictitious company setting up shop in Dublin, Ireland. They need help with their branding, logo, and creating a mobile app. For their branding and logo the company emphasized how they are a sustainable, ethical company that works with small, local farmers in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. They are Fair Trade and provide top quality beans to customers in Ireland. The name Pekku comes from the Mayan god of Thunder. Given this information, I was to create a logo concept and medium fidelity mobile app.

PEKKU copy.jpg


I enjoyed the process of making the Pekku Coffee logo. I initially drew up a few different logo ideas on paper then scanned them in and began to work with them in Illustrator. Of the 3 or so ideas I had, I ended up focusing on drawing up rough outlines of two variations of the logo. I wanted to focus on having a logo that was simple, clear and concise, and one that could also be used in a variety of formats... i.e. packaging, shirt designs, signs, posters, etc. What I think works well with the logo is its simplicity and readability. It is clean and recognizable with enough elements that distinguish its personal ethos and Mayan inspiration. On the other hand, I think there is an argument to be made that it could be a bit too simple and I think I could have spent a little more time ideating to find a way to creatively incorporate more elements of the company. I am happy with the look of the logo, overall. I am happy with my problem-solving and resolution with the ‘e’ and ultimately think this was the strongest design idea out of all of my initial sketches. I also decided to go with the thunder and lightning bolt based on the feedback I received from my peers during critique. I think everyone was most interested in that design and encouraging me to explore it further on illustrator. I still have room to grow in my abilities on illustrator and how to problem-solve more quickly, which might’ve helped me get a bit more complex with the design without losing readability, however, this exercise taught me a lot about patience and how much I can/should delve into the the breadth of knowledge of illustrator.



The Mobile App for Pekku has been designed for the convenience of Pekku’s customer. Like many stores these days it is very important to keep up to date with how the customer interacts with the product so as not to miss an opportunity to enhance and make it easier for the customer to access that product and easily purchase, use, and experience it. Below is the design process used to create Pekku Coffee’s mobile app.


The person we were empathizing with are the people who run Pekku Coffee and their need to reach their customers with ease and access while also aiming to grow the clientele base.


Creating an app that the customer finds user friendly and emphasises and define the products Pekku has to offer, includes subscriptions, news/updates/new offers, creates accounts and saves card information, and highlights Pekku’s ethos and sustainability background. Some of the challenges will be to keep the design simple, visually engaging and user friendly while also checking all those boxes, especially getting people to subscribe and create accounts with Pekku. Another challenge will be to keep a solid branding identity throughout the app so that the design is coherent and the information is both legible and undeniably ‘Pekku’.


Looking at other cofffee mobile apps before the creation process was crucial in this creation. I studied the ‘Big League’ coffee brands and their mobile apps, such as Starbucks Coffee and Peets Coffee, as well as smaller brands that were Irish/Dublin based, such as 3FE, Cloudpicker, and Ariosa. The initial designs and prototype are linked below. Ultimately, I focused on visual banners, pop up subscription boxes with engaging copy, and easy defined icons and clickability.


I believe the app works well. I think it is easy to navigate through and there is clarity that the user experience is a priority. Like any digital app, website, product, there will be many iterations and updates to come as nothing is ever perfect and things can always be improved. With that being said, after testing the prototype, I believe I can go back and work on making the account creation and subscription more engaging and thoughtful to increase client retention and grow the brand through online marketing techniques employed within and outside the app.