Paulette Tavormina Artist Talk

Seizing Beauty is an exhibition of art by photographer Paulette Tavormina currently on display at the Snite Museum of Art. Her still lifes are largely influenced by her background in Art History and bare striking resemblance to Dutch Golden Age master paintings. Her sense of color and eye for dramatic lighting make these images one of a kind and absolutely remarkable. What I loved most about her talk is how she pays homage to her journey in life that lead her to exactly where she needed to be later on in order to find inspiration for this series of work. Though she has always had an affinity for photography, Tavormina started off photographing for auction houses and then made the transition into working on films as a prop master. Her love of knick knacks and collecting antiquities made her a perfect fit for managing props on Hollywood film sets. This part of her life allowed her to travel and gain experience while also keeping her creative and always collecting. This love for collecting items eventually made its way into her photographic work and started something that would set Tavormina apart from many of her contemporaries. Her artwork displays her meticulous eye for detail and her undeniable taste for high quality, vibrant images. She's been commissioned by chefs to create artwork for their cover as well as companies such a National Geographic which have featured her still lifes on front covers. 

It was evident Paulette Tavormina probably hasn't done much public speaking on her work as her speech was unrefined and at times a little off topic. However, her sentiments and articulation on the inspiration and ideas that drove her work came across clearly and overall her speech was enjoyable. I felt as though I benefitted from attending her talk, especially because she is a photographer who took various twists and turns to get to where she is today that may not be considered the most conventional route (in terms of how the photography industry is concerned) but just as, if not more, fruitful and meaningful to who she is as an artist and photographer.

I also found her exhibition display in the Snite as well as the presentation and design of her hard cover book to be very helpful for me and how I visualize my own work, in regard to my thesis, being displayed, hung, framed, and printed.