Post Seminar and Photography Department Presentation:

Both presentations were in preparation for the all faculty presentation this Friday, November 4. 

Feedback I received from Seminar:

  • Less individual imagery on multiple slides-- combine and maybe edit/crop images to not show the entire image but give "previews" of images in a series
  • Pay more attention to cleaning up the design and content of the slides-- if there is text, accompany it with image or graphics and shorten/simplify it 
  • Don't include all images, just a "taste" of the imagery
  • Clean up mock-up of exhibition 
  • Artist Inspiration put in beginning of presentation and make more image-heavy
  • Offer a short bio of how I came to photo-documentary (maybe include images on a slide)
  • Make it shorter and ask more questions of the faculty, let them have a conversation with me

Feedback I received from Photo Department:

  • Focus on the main overarching theme of the series and hone in on articulating concisely how it is being communicated through the images
  • It is okay for me to incorporate myself and my experience as part of the series and explanation
  • Have slides of images continuously rolling and talk whilst images are rolling behind
  • Image heavy, little text on slides, instead just talk through any text you would include on ppt
  • Include some examples of the text I may incorporate in book and on exhibition-- quotes from interviews
  • Simplify explanations and the "so what" thesis statement to be a concise sentence
  • What do I want to say? What do I want people to see from my images? How do I want people to engage / interact with the exhibition? What do I want people to feel / think / take away from exhibition?
  • Quantify: how many images will be framed, how big, how many quotes/text, how big a book, what do I have now and what do I still need
  • Explain work still needing to be done: going back to Kylemore during winter break, taking formal portraits, home life / meals, further interviews with specific questions, essence of time apprenticing and mentored in creating a photo book 
  • alluding to the longer term goal for this project-- that this series can exist in many forms and communicate a variety of themes and that it will continue to exist beyond April and will be a recurring project I plan to pursue for as long as the nuns let me

I received some conflicting feedback in terms of how to structure and design my powerpoint between the two presentations but other than that I plan to incorporate a vast majority of the feedback from both presentations. Some of the major things I have focused on in revising my presentation and preparing for the all-faculty presentation:

  • Simplify! Make clean, clear and concise
  • Emphasize main images and imagery and possibly main text incorporated
  • Simple statements, explain in quick, short sentences the thesis and themes
  • Quantify: explain vision and what I have planned to have completed 
  • What still needs to be done/what I have planned to do-- Kylemore visit, book apprenticeship
  • Brief: Main Artist Inspo and Previous Work Preluding this project