Blog Post 3/27

For the brick archway I have been focusing on its presence as being this nice facet in the wall that has been completely overlooked and shows remnants of once serving a purpose. This purpose, I assume, was acting as a portal to somewhere. My ideas for this space is to transform it back into a portal. A lot of my influences stem from nature and the outdoors. One Idea I have is to create an "outdoor haven" within the confines of the archway. Since I will be back in California this weekend I am going to take the opportunity to visit areas most sentimental and soothing to me and create a compilation of moving images from each place. I want the portal to feel meditative and relaxing– something you could gaze at for hours mindlessly and feel content. 

 Another idea I have is creating a "day dreamers" paradise. By videoing shorts of activities one might rather be doing instead of sitting in class, such as surfing, skiing, hiking, biking, etc. Shot via go pro by myself and by talented/sporty friends I would like to make videos that would stream on a loop, displaying these outdoor activities in the most unsuspecting of places (in an academic building in South Bend, Indiana). 

My last idea stems from James Turrell and our readings about the importance of light. What I would like to do is to create a door within the archway that would open up to a dark space, but if the viewers sticks around for long enough they will see the dark space illuminate with various light sources that would dance around, creating a performance. The lights and their movement would serve as an abstracted view of the wondering mind... which ranges in motions of curiosity to excitement.


2. For the mezzanine at the front entrance of riley I want to project a large scale image on the massively blank wall just to the left of the doors to the lobby and right above the stairs leading to the lower floor. My aim is to force the audience (aka unsuspecting passing students) to stop in the mezzanine and observe the wall they would never think to look at in any other circumstance. My first approach would be to create an illusion of an outdoor bench with a subject taking the time to sit and go about life's more simpler tasks, such as reading. Often, especially "millennial" college students, we forget to take the time to feed our soul with much needed down time. And by down time I don't mean sitting on the phone or on the computer or on a couch watching television. By displaying people doing activities that are good for the soul, such as reading on a park bench, picnicking, doing yoga, etc. it will hopefully trigger the audience into reconsidering how they use their spare time. 

Another idea i have is to have some sort of liquid or substance be spilling down the wall (but not in a creepy bloody sort of way) that makes those who are walking down the stairs underneath it feel as though they might have something spill or drop onto their heads. The tension and potential energy that I would try and emulate in the piece would interact and cause a disturbance in the passerby's daily travels. 

My last idea stems directly from inspiration from Pipilotti Rist. I would want to do a studio set up with a white background so when it project it makes little difference to the integrity of the wall and have objects being smushed and crushed (like oranges, eggs, tomatoes etc) onto a clear glass placed in front of the camera.

These are my current approaches however I continue to tweak and refine my direction to ensure I am respecting my space and its identity. I have begun to gather video sequences to work with: two of which are very warm videos by the ocean, one with hair blowing in the wind and one on a sunset boat ride looking out on the jetty.  The other direction I am beginning to work with is filming myself being covered by a project (so Meta) and seeing how I can put myself in the confines of the brick archway, confronting those unsuspecting passerby's.