Blog 3/20

This is a slightly more difficult blog post because of my attendance to only one class this week. Having not attended class on Thursday, my only true absence of the semester, I realized how important it is to stay up to date and that each class is crucial to our growth and understanding within the realm of installation art.  

Nevertheless, I am excited for this new chapter of our assignments. Working with projections is of particular interest to me as I am heavily invested in photographic work and am excited to see how I can transform my photography through moving images and projection mapping. Some ideas I have for this 1.0 include working with "portals," either creating them from spaces often forgotten and in areas students typically use as "interstates", with no reason for stopping or taking a second look at their surroundings, or through portal-like areas, meaning elevators, closed windows, or general nooks and archways that may not serve much purpose but are shaped in a way where they look as though they could've once held some sort of passage way. Through these portals I want to consider architecture and the idea of bringing the outside inside. 

Though somewhat unrelated to my ideas for 1.0, two contemporary video artists we looked up, Pipilotto Rist and Bill Viola, are given me many ideas for how to utilize videography without necessarily having an obvious narrative. Along with that they show how physical elements, from water and winds to sheets and glass, can be crucial in conveying a moment of movement that can't otherwise be captured, or if only photographed would be missing many important layers of meaning. 

Since I was not in class to go over examples of projection mapping I must learn on my own, which has presented its own set of challenges. It has been a struggle to remain on top of my work and has put me somewhat at a disadvantage. But I am doing my best to work through the kinks of these programs and trouble shoot my own lack of skills for projection mapping and am hopeful I will avail and be just as prepared for Tuesday!