Blog Post 2/28

Stacey Holloway's presence in Thursday's class was refreshing. Her critiques on our projects and suggestions for further development left a lot for all of us to consider and contemplate in depth. For example, both her and Leticia's suggestions in emphasizing the conceptual background to my installation while also making the piece more dynamic by removing its stationary placement on the wall left me with some breakthrough ideas, particularly about moving towards a more deliberately ritualistic and performative installation. By removing the tuLips from the wall and placing them either on the ground or on a table I think I will be able to better accentuate their lips' flower-like appearance and coax more interaction out of the view/audience. 

The recommendation to research and look into the work of Jenine Antoni was also super helpful. Jenine's use of malleable material that she makes take on a different shape, such as soap or chocolate made into a bust of herself, is a great reference in the various ways a can shape and work with candle wax while also maintaining at least some of its original identity, meaning viewers will still be able to recognize the fact that these tuLips are made specifically out of candle wax. 




I am beginning to research and implement processes of creating a ritualistic format for my installation: My instalation ritual – a way of meditative healing. Symbolically picking a tuLip from a mandala shaped flower patch (signifying "letting go"), writing either an affirmation or certain energy needing to be expelled on a note, then taking the tuLip and lighting it to melt on top of the note so that the note is unreadable and then added to the candle lit pile of prayer notes. The candle of prayer signifies the expulsion and letting go of these words and thoughts, leaving it to a higher power.