Blog Post 2/14

For Installation 2.0, with the intent on making a work that forces the viewer/audience to engage with the piece by walking around and encouraging multi-angular viewing, I have focused on making my object more 3 dimensional. Several of my ideas involve casting a mold of my mouth and pouring various substances (wax, candy, chocolate, clay) and using those molded substances to create a three dimensional installation that interacts with more than just wall space. Currently, I am interested in the idea of creating "tuLips" that suspend in space in an invisible planter. These tuLips will be a commentary on both the physicality and markers of lips and kisses as well as their implications. The petals of tulips are smooth and similar to the texture of healthy lips. The flower patch as a whole will serve a reminder that in order to produce something that is healthy and flourishing it takes times and patience and work to make things beautiful. TuLips in particular are a great representation of that because they blossom at one specific time a year and last for a very short time. Once they wilt it takes another year before they blossom again. This idea I am hoping to convey in my hovering tuLip garden that moments are fleeting and to appreciate them when they come and cherish them and be patient when the time passes.


I really enjoyed the podcast I listened to about Nina Katchadourian. Her concepts that she creates for herself, whether it’s for long term projects or quick practice challenges, show the necessity for boundaries and limits. If thought through and treated correctly, limits force the mind to explore and allow for more creative and fruitful products. It also forces one to be a problem-solver… If one does not have a box to begin with then there is no way to think outside of it.