Blog Post #1


January 15, 2016

The first week of installation provided great insight into some interesting discussion and turning points in the world of making art and, in particular, making installation art. I am interested to see, as the semester goes on, how much overlap will be seen in terms of combining installation with other forms of art, such as sculpture or photography. Thinking about installation art and where it overlaps and incorporates other mediums lends itself to the other discussion we had in class about the youtube video we watched, “Everything is a Remix.” As said before, I am optimistic over the knowledge that everything is a seemingly repurposed thought or idea. We borrow the thoughts of those before us then add our own perspective, lenses, experiences to recreate and “remix” art that then takes on new meanings and new purposes that make it different from the previous ideas it stemmed from.  These concepts and discussions realty help foster and encourage the desire for exploration and research both in the art field and beyond. To understand more about what is out there and what other people have contributed to society helps me position and direct myself in my own contributions and being aware of how these ideas and things influence me adds a level of humility and rationality to my work (at least, that’s what I hope!).

            So I think our project of collecting 100 objects is exciting because of how open ended it is. This is both somewhat daunting but also has potential to allow for a plethora of creativity, innovation, growth, and exploration. This project also makes sense with our discussions in understanding the ideas behind space, environment, and installation art because it helps us understand how we can manipulate objects in a way that interacts with the space it is installed in to convey an overall message or meaning that is important to the artist and (hopefully) the audience. I am still in the midst of thinking about 100 things to collect for this assignment but I am keeping my ideas alive by researching and looking on things and ideas that have previous influenced me, which will hopefully lead to a pretty darn cool collection of objects! To end with some food for thought an artist I am researching to provide some inspiration for this project is Ai Wei Wei (image provided on thumbnail to this blog).