Hi there!

My name is Mary and I am 24 years old. I am currently pursuing a Masters (MA) in Digital Media at NUI Galway in Galway, Ireland. I am from Dana Point, California and have a Bachelors of Fine Art, with a concentration in Photography, from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. As a Masters student, I have been focusing on incorporating Design Thinking into my creative practice and refining my skills as a visual communicator. I am interested in marrying my design, fine art, and photography skills to create digital narratives and content that serves to enrich and give back to communities.

In addition to my masters, I work for the University of Notre Dame’s study abroad centres in Ireland. I serve as a program manager for a growing cohort of premed undergraduate Notre Dame students studying at NUI Galway, as well as manage the social media platforms for Notre Dame Centre at Kylemore Abbey. Over the last 4 years I have had the opportunity to create content and manage social media for boutiques and jewellery brands in Southern California, as well as freelance content for brands like Owen’s Mixers, and instagram bloggers, such as @noleftovers.

My undergraduate BFA thesis received the William & Connie Greif Award, Judith A. Wrappe Award and the Riley Award for Photography. In addition to these awards, I was a recipient of the Gero Family Travel Grant, and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies Grant for Senior Thesis, all of which helped make my thesis possible. To read more about my undergraduate thesis, click here.

Feel free to reach out! please email: